Jane Rusbridge Author of The Devils Music and Rook

Praise for ROOK – a Guardian readers’ Book of the Year



‘what marks out Rusbridge’s novel is the passion with which she writes about her native Sussex and its more ancient landscapes’  The Independent

‘Rusbridge ‘s sympathetic and respectful handling of a sensitive issue conveys an emotional impact that resonates long after the closing pages’  Times Literary Supplement 

‘ Compelling, absorbing and beautifully written’ Patricia Duncker

‘the Anglo-Saxon material is genuinely fascinating and the writing itself is really fine – often lush and ambitiously poetic but always controlled’  Daily Mail 

‘Look at the stars, Rook. Tell me what you know’

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ROOK is a novel of layers and textures, patiently crafted, and beautifully finished’ Katie Ward  (author of Girl Reading)

‘…a book to live in and to feel in all its textures and layers. Jane Rusbridge can do this because her lyric writing is excellent – accurate, potent and evocative. Definitely a book for the connoisseurs of language’ Victoria Best Tales from the Reading Room literary salon

‘a story of human fragility in the inexorable presence of the past, and of compassion that enables us to survive our own histories – an enthralling read’   Trisha Nicholson Words in the Treehouse 

‘Rusbridge’s poetic phrasing and symbolic complexity renders the writing incantatory and impressionistic’ Alan Bowden Words of Mercury

‘Stirring … An emotional tale of family, forgotten history and loyalty’ Psychologies 

‘One to Watch’ Good Housekeeping

Intense, atmospheric and beautifully written’ Joanna Briscoe 

 ‘What a good novelist Jane Rusbridge is! I love the way she combines dexterous storytelling with deliciously descriptive, poetic prose. The people, the landscape they inhabit, even the birds in the air, are all vividly rendered in this mesmerising and multilayered story’ Marika Cobbold

‘the tightly held secrets of both Nora and Ada become exposed, almost as if we are archaeologists prising them loose from the pages’ Read Tracy Fell’s review

‘a superbly crafted story by an author who has a talent for evoking a real sense of time and place and of reminding us of the rich seam of history lying quietly, yet powerfully beneath the present day’ Amazon 5* review

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