Jane Rusbridge Author of The Devils Music and Rook

Praise for The Devil’s Music

‘The Devil’s Music is that rare thing, a novel that is as bold as it is subtle. It’s a powerful and deeply affecting story of the bond between a mother and her children. It’s also a sharp exposé of the devastating effects of the taboos that govern motherhood … Jane Rusbridge is a brilliant new voice. She evokes hearth-and-home in 1950s Britain with terrific delicacy. This story is fresh, vivid – and startlingly contemporary’ Alison Macleod

‘Vividly and intensely written’ Jane Rogers

‘This brilliantly observed take on a family saga is both passionate and moving and the prose snaps, crackles and pops with gorgeous detail’ Lesley Glaister

‘Deeply moving and profoundly affecting … (Rusbridge is a ) highly original, fresh new talent of rare quality’ … read more The Lady

‘Rusbridge has a gift for evoking both characters and place … Sensously written and beautifully woven together’ Kathy Page

‘A novel of such calibre whets the appetite for more. Roll on Rusbridge’s next one.’ Margaret Carragher, Irish Examiner

‘An unputdownable and beautifully written novel’ Tania Hershman

Beautifully written and displaying a particularly well-tuned sense of time and place.’  The Literateur: Dr Mardi Stewartread more

‘a great deal of good writing and expert story-telling meshed together in Jane Rusbridge’s novel The Devil’s Music ‘  read more Cornflower literary blog

‘Even good books fade and blur in the memory, but a month after reading this novel there is no danger of me confusing it with any other’  Isabel Costello. Read more here

‘…immediately engaging for three main reasons: the subject matter (…a tragedy that blows a family apart) the coastal setting, which is strikingly evoked in all its weather-beaten savagery, and the language, which is consistently assured and precise’    Susan Elliott Wright. Read more here

‘This is a masterclass in the show don’t tell school of writing’ Pam McIlroy, Host of the Broadway Bookclub.read more

‘the prose is crisp, the dialogue sharp; joy and healing as well as sadness draw the reader on’   Trisha Nicholson. Read more

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